New Start of Network

5 years ago Iain Stanley wrote:
Iain Stanley

As you may or may not be aware Network Scouting has changed in the end of 2015 and has now moved to a District based group rather than County. Also all people in Scouting in the Network Age range are automatically members of the section Inline with these changes i would like to encourage you to attend a meeting on the 27th Jan @ 20:15 in the 3rd Aylesbury HQ.

This meeting is to find out what you might like to get out, how we can improve things, and a generally discussion as we will be treating this as a clean slate and we have the ability to sculpt it the way the current member would like to.

Please can i request you try and make this meeting and if you cant at least reply so i know we have communication working.

Here’s to a new start in the new year.

Cerberus Core Team